The flowers on the window are crying.
“I want to see it again, the world outside the window. Open the window.”
While shouting.
In a voice that people can’t hear.
“I want to see it before I die, the outside world again.
It’s going to wither soon.

The maid came and opened the window, which was not visible from the flowers.

“Open this window, open
this window!”
And, the flower which shouts.
In a voice that people can’t hear.

The flowers are steadily shedding.
“I want to look out the window, open
it!” the flower exclaims.

And then, when it was about to
wither, the maid opened the window.

The bird’s voice can be heard from a small sing.
The sky is blue every way, and the cool breeze brings a nice smell.

“It was nice to see outside…”
The flowers withered silently,
looking out from the small singing room.