The Sea


There is a sound of waves. The rough, the rough, the rough, the rough, and so on.

The whispers of the sea, which would probably be repeated forever, did not cause any emotion to the man.

It was getting used to it and not hearing anything.

Under the light of the day, the blue-black sea that continues to the limit. The man was walking on the beach with a bow as if it were going on infinitely. Burnt sand scorches the soles of men’s feet.

It is not a kind of fisherman as understood from the poor body to understand the man’s changing sunburn to the whole body black so that even the age is not understood.

A kimono-like cloth with shabby hair, depressed eyes, and 襤褸 waist.

The man was not on this island because he liked it.

A solitary island in the South Seas, an unexplored place where birds do not pass, and a natural prison without cages. The man was swept here many years ago.

A small piece of wood was reflected in the eyes of a man looking around at the waves in a void to see if seaweed could be launched.

When I picked it up, there was a small square hole. It’s a small hole that barely gets through one finger, but obviously

It was processed by a person’s hand. It could be the debris of a ship that sank somewhere.

The man somehow put his right eye on the hole in the piece of wood. There was no purpose, but take a peek.

The man was surprised. The scenery of this sea that I looked at every day seemed like a different world.

The man looked into the hole again. The blue sea and the white sandy beach are the same, but I get the impression that something is not in this world.

“I get it.”

The man muttered. It was the first time in a long time that a man had uttered a voice on this island where there was nothing to hear.

If you look through the square hole, you can get a black border on the scenery. This is because the edging looks like a picture on a folding screen with a familiar landscape. The man recalled the scattering which had been called to the house of the aristocrat in the capital before.

The scattering, played in a courtyard filled with white gravel from a dimly lit tatami room, seemed like a vision rising into darkness, like another world just around the corner but somewhere far away.

(When was that?)

The man sat down in the sand, peering into the hole. The waves are pushing to my feet and pulling.

Beyond the hole, you can see who you once were. In the prestigioi temple, I wore a glittering exaggeration,

A man who is irreverent on the shore of the 傲 like a king by a large number of monks.

(What arrogance, not enough training)

Strangely enough, I used to try to pass through this hole, and I was like a complete stranger. It was only a mere thought blue two-year-old to be there if it saw as a phantom thus, and it was supposed to have behaved according to it because it thought that it was natural that I was in this position in those days.

The stage changed like a play before long, and it became a former man’s villa. I’m consulting with two men on their foreheads. They’re plotting. The assassination plot of Minister Taisei. The man is talking about the success of the plan with a nosed.

(Such a plan full of holes, it is decided to fail.) I know why it’s absolutely exposed. )

The man looked as if he had drank something bitter. It talked proudly, and it was easy to be disgusted by my fool face which was singing.

(The age was very much like a starving demon.) Therefore, it was in such eyes. )

The man lay on the sandy beach. The eye remains peeking through the hole.

The scenery has changed again. It’s this island. But it wasn’t now. The ship is leaving this island.

There are two men on board that ship. They were both swept away on this island, but they were allowed to return to the capital. leave one man.

The man chases the ship. She runs along the coast, kicking the sand, crying without shame or outside hearing. I can’t hear my voice anymore, but I keep screaming. Please, give me a ride. I’ll do anything. Help me.

A man who calls a ship while stepping on a ground danta, bringing a runny nose, and jumping. The man stared through the hole at such a former appearance of me. I could have been so sad. It would have been so frustrating.

The man began to laugh before long. What a funny and pathetic person he is! The man was laughable and irresistible. 2000, fufu, eryth The waves washed the man’s body, but the man kept lying down and laughing indefinitely.

Isolated island in the sea, eternal solitude. There is nothing in the world.