Holes in the ceiling

Yoshiko Suyama

Yuki-chan came to stay at grandma’s house by her one person soon after entering summer vacation. Whenever I go to grandma’s house, my mom and dad were with me, but this year we’re both busy with work, so Yuki-chan can be on her back because she wants to reassure her father and mother. It was said and it came.
Grandma’s house is very old. The toilet was outside, the boards in the hallways were chisy, the windows were swaying and rattling in the wind, the pillars had eye-like patterns, and the pillars had clocks that sounded loud. And there is a round hole in the ceiling. The old Seiyaki-chan was a little afraid of grandma’s house.
Yuki-chan, grandma is in the back field,” she said as
she went outside. Yuki-chan lay down with Goron. I looked up and saw a hole in that ceiling.
felt like she had made eye contact with someone. I panicked and woke up and looked away from the hole. And, the hole was looked up quietly after a while. The inside of the house is quiet with the scene. There seemed to be no one beyond the hole this time. Yuki-chan looked at the hole to hold her breath for a while. Yuki-chan said loudly to herself, “No one is there?” and

fell asleep again. Yuki-chan is afraid, but I can’t help worrying about that hole. Then grandma came back. Yuki-chan
said, “Grandma, there’s a hole in the ceiling.”
It stuck to grandma when saying.
“Oh, Yuki-chan was scared, but that’s just a hole. Yuki-chan’s father used to say that he was scared because someone was watching him when he was about yuki-chan’s age.”
Grandma talked while stroking Yuki-chan’s head. After that, Yuki-chan made the hole in the ceiling think that there was no one with a mere hole. When I was eating rice or watching TV, I didn’t feel like someone was peeping through that hole.
After a while, the evening before I left, grandma took the cydering version to a nearby house. Yuki-chan fell asleep with Goron to see the hole in the ceiling that she was interested in. And then I turned to the
hole and said in a small
voice, “No one is there.” There was no reply. Yuki-chan was courageous this time and said in a louder voice than before.
“Is there anybody?”
and from somebody
said, “I’m there. Yuki-chan.”
The voice was made. Yuki-chan hurriedly went up and looked around, but no one was around.
“It’s here. Above.”
The voice was heard again. Apparently there is a voice through the hole in that ceiling. Yuki-chan looked up at the hole and asked.
“Who are you, ghosts?” A funny?
“I’ve lived in this house for a long time. Everyone’s going to sit down. Do you know that? That’s it. My child came to my house after a long absence, and I was so happy.”
The straw was running around on the ceiling, and the ceiling board shook and there was a patting sound. And
then I said, “I’m
going to do it.” A number of origami balloons fell from the hole. Each origami balloon was carefully folded. After a while, grandma came back, and Yuki-chan thought she was going to talk about waraji, but she couldn’t tell.
The next morning, my father picked me up. Yuki-chan said to her grandma and
grandma, “I’m going to play again during
the winter break.” And, Yuki-chan left grandma’s house while thinking that it was better to call out earlier.
“This time I’m going to take origami,” he said in his mind.