a hole on a wall

Nobuaki Ogata

“Nobori! Get up early! “If you don’t get up early, school’s going to
start!” cried Mama louder than downstairs. The loud voices echoing throughout the house are the beginning of my day at home. In addition, mom’s tone has become strong recently. I put down a little while and answered, “Yes!”, but the body was sly, lying on the bed for a while, looking at the seal of the large
constellation stuck to the ceiling. Nobori did not want to go to school.
Nobori is a fourth-year elementary school student. Until the third grade, I couldn’t afford to have fun at school. On the evidence, I woke up to the morning light spilling through the gaps in the curtains, and I was up from myself before my mom called me out to me. I hurried to my clothes, ran down the stairs, reached the dining table on the first floor, toasted my bread myself, put on margarine, poured milk into my favorite mug presented by dad, drank it in a hurry, and went to school to rush out the front door. Dad was out at work early in the morning as usual.
I’m a daddy. Dad is usually busy with the company, but he used to play with me when he was off on Saturdays and Sundays. Camping, fishing, soccer, playing catch and much more are all fun memories. Then, in the mountain river, I was crazy about catching sawfish, and when I was addicted to the depths and almost drowned, my dad immediately flew in and saved me.
For me, this was a daily scene. I forgot someday, but I remember dad and mum each other each other when I went downstairs wanting to
go to Ossico in the middle of the night. I don’t know
the cause, but since dad left home in March of this year, I’ve been left with mom and me in this house. Mum didn’t tell me why daddy wasn’t home. Since then, I’ve loved my dad, and I’ve gradually become a crythelt,
teased and bullied by my class friends.
One day, the day I cried home from school, I immediately ran upstairs and locked myself in my room. When dinner was ready, it was hard for me to come down from the second floor, so mama went upstairs, making a noise, and
came into my room.
“Nobo nobori!
“I’m already the limit of patience!”, “I’ve been silent with my mom, but I’ve been bullied at
school.”” Thank you for being honest with my mom.” “I’ve been worried because I’ve been a crythels since my dad was gone.” “Hey Mom, can I not go to
school tomorrow?” “Nobori has been a kind child since
I was little.” “I want mom to be a strong-hearted person to go up to, even if she doesn’t have a daddy. She’s looking forward to it,” he said, speaking to admonishing her. After thinking for a while, “Well, I’ll try a little
more,” Nobo nobo, replied to mom in a half-giving-up tone.
By talking to my mom, I suddenly became “goo” thanks to the feeling that I felt a little easier.
“Yes, I haven’t eaten
dinner yet,” said Nobori, who quickly arrived at the dining table downstairs and began to eat dinner. After that, I prepared my homework and tomorrow’s class, enjoyed my favorite game “Atsede, Animal Forest” for about
an hour, took a bath, and then lay down in bed. Today, perhaps because I told my mom about my daily
worries, I was getting a little better and going to sleep before I knew it.

 I had a strange dream that night.
The usual way back from school. The bullies have been chasing me. At first I entered the gate of an old house where no one lived, stood still behind the wall, waiting for the bullies to pass by.
When I looked over the wall where I was singing, I noticed that there were a number of holes in various shapes. I chose the round shape in it and looked at the outside.
However, the scenery seen from the hole was different from the scenery that I always saw. When I take my eyes off the hole, I return to the scenery around me. I thought it was funny, so I looked at the hole again and looked at the scenery outside. It’s different, it’s different.
For a while, I decided to see the scenery visible from the hole. Then, mama and daddy who were no longer at home entered the view while walking. There was a small toying me between the two. I’m walking happily. While we were looking into it for a while, as I was approaching my age, they walked their separate paths waving goodbye to each other, leaving me and Mom behind. Mama was crying by her body. It made me sad. My vision was covered with fog, and I couldn’t see anything.
The dream ended here.
When I looked at the clock, it was 6:00 a.m.
I woke up earlier than usual.
Even though it was a dream, I was shocked to see mom crying for the first time. I couldn’t imagine from my mom, who was only behaving in a having a bad way.
I’m silent, but maybe my mom is sad too. Mama thought she was strong.
I thought if I could do methymeso forever even if mama was doing her best to fight the sadness. Mom doesn’t want me to be a cryint.
You must be hoping for my usual energetic me.
While thinking about such a thing, I stopped messing around and tried my best to support my mom. I decided to go to school to jump out of
bed, cheer up like before, eat breakfast, and jump out the front door.
Mom must have wondered when she sees me different from usual.
On the way home from school, when the usual bullies came, they clearly told me not to bully me. Over time, they gradually began to bully me.
After I got home, I finished my homework, and after dinner, I started to wash myself the dish.
Mama asked, like this change for me, but I was silent.
The next day, I headed to that old house again, went into the gate, and looked at the wall.
However, the hole which peeped yesterday did not look anywhere in the wall, and disappeared.
At that time, I noticed that the old man who was smiling was reflected in the glass door on the veranda. When the face was often seen, it was my grandpa who died.

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