The sound of a bell that you can hear if you look at it

Haruka Mizuno

 The person who cried looks sunny. If you squeeze all your emotions out of your head and body, what will remain in your mind is a resignation similar to autumn fine weather. Ayako thought while seeing the relative who finished “Last farewell”.

 One face that is not busy while the expression that it is sunny and sunny lines up. The care-taking aunt oversees who says goodbye to whom and how. Thanks to my aunt, order can be kept even at such times. Thank you very much. Ayako who thought so laughed with the nose without hesitation, and was stared at by mother.

 The wooden box which had finished the last farewell was put on the rail and carried. When a big door closes, relatives return to the waiting room. Ayako paid attention to her mother and left a large concrete one-story house.

 Ayako, who left the automatic door, looked around looking out for a smoking area. Ayako’s eyes are visible with dazzling light. The sun was reflected in the silver ashtray. Leaning against the wall by the ashtray, Ayako took a box of cigarettes out of her little black handbag. They sigh with the lid open He seemed to be upset to forget that the contents were empty. Ayako went back to the building to buy cigarettes.

 On the clouds floating in the distant sky, Doji Mamoru’s eyes were closed. The sunlight in autumn gradually warms the doji’s shell and invites them to sleep slightly. Power comes off the arm folded under the neck.

 Just before the child fell asleep, I heard a faintly clear bell. The child lifted the neck on her arm. Following the sound of a bell, a white, glowing band appeared from a small hole in the clouds in front of him. The belt rises up to the top while drawing a spiral loosely.  For children living on clouds, it is not uncommon to hear the sound of bells and see white belts. However, it was rare to encounter a cool tone and dazzling light. The doji put out two short legs in the shell, stretched out in a forward-leaning position, and walked slowly toward the hole. I didn’t rush. Because I knew that beautiful obi lasts a long and long time.  The child sat down by the hole, put his neck on his arm again, and looked at the obi carefully. When I approached the white belt, it was richly colored and looked like a picture scroll. Doji looked carefully and lovingly at the story of the picture scroll one by one.

 A little girl is walking with a little little boy on her back in a white morning frost. I’m walking on the road leading to the wheat field. The young leaves of wheat are shaking whether it goes to stomping wheat.  The picture scrolls are decorated with rich greenery. The girl who might keep the silkworm is picking mulberry leaves in the field. The girl’s fingers in a knife shine. The girl weaves through the trees.

 The picture scroll shines high in blue. The bride procession goes in fine weather. The bride, dressed in solid white, dyes her fresh cheeks pink and walks in an umbrella. The picture scroll is dyed pink. Blessed by heaven, a baby was born. A woman looks at a steamed baby. Tears convey the cheeks. A black cow walks in a row. Hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of black cows walk to beads. The black cows disappear beyond the clouds.

 Then a black train runs away, runs back, and runs away. The black shadow of a woman, like a small stain, extends on the tracks. The golden ears of rice sway and the picture scrolls sparkle. A small silver car runs on a narrow road sandwiched between fields. The wrinkled woman runs towards the gray building. A hint lights up the picture scroll. Lanterns are hung on bamboo poles, and young men carry them. The light turns on the way, and the light turns on the way back. A big one-story house appeared on the picture scroll. The basket placed on the veranda is red, yellow, peach, daidai, yellow-green, and blue. Many fun yarn balls are filled in the eyes. The old woman who sat in the chair of rattan knits with a little braid. The color begins to disappear from the picture scroll, and the shine increases. It is proof that the end of the picture scroll is approaching. The child squinted at the glare and brought her body closer to a small hole in the clouds. I bowed my head and looked down. On the far ground was an old woman in a wooden box. The old woman’s body is surrounded by a color like the wool she loved. Men and women of all ages look into alternative wooden boxes. It might be saying gratitude, affection, and farewell. The sound of the bell is clear, clear, and melts into the sky. The picture scrolls had no longer risen from the earth, but disappeared beyond the sky while pulling a long tail. The child returned her posture and put her limbs and face in the shell. In the dim shell, the child began to take a small sleep, soaking in the afterglow of beauty that she touched after a long time.

What’s wrong with Aya-chan?

Ayako, who did not move while sitting in the driver’s seat and tilting her head, looked into her face mysteriously.  Even though I’m just going to buy cigarettes, I’ve been asked for a lot of other things, and I’ve even come with a niece who has too much time. Ayako, seated in the driver’s seat, closed her eyes and turned her head. There is a nasty sound and pain runs in my neck. I’ve gained too much momentum. Ayako kept her head out for a while because of the pain. That’s when my niece called out. Ayako opens her eyes and looks at the girl.

“My neck hurts a little bit, Kotoko-chan, wait a minute, I’ll get out of the car right away.”

“Are you all right?” he said.

Kotoko is tilting her head to the opposite side of Ayako. Kotoko interrupted Ayako’s word of waiting for a moment because it was a request because it was all right by the surprised appearance.

“Is that?

Kotoko is looking around the car with her eyes rolled. Ayako grinned and put her head back.

“Block your ears with both hands.”

As Ayako told her, Kotoko blocked her ears with her small palm. At once, I frowned and looked at Ayako.

‘Aya-chan, I can hear it in my head even if I block my ears.’

“What is this?” he said.

“That’s what it is.”

Ayako laughed with her nose.  Ignoring Kotoko, who was puzzled, Ayako started the car engine. I fully open the cooler and put it on my face. The lcd of the cellular phone shone several times. My aunt probably contacted me for additional shopping. Really well-tempered. Thank you.

“I still hear you~”

Kotoko is crying out. Ayako laughed with her nose again.

“It’ll be gone sooner or later, so it’s okay.”

Ayako spoke to Kotoko while putting out the blinker. It is understood by the sign that Kotoko looked up to the heavens. Ayako got fun and stepped on the accelerator while returning the steering wheel.