Kaori Uemura

There was a girl named Nana. The skin color was white, the hair and eyes were black like obsidian, and there was a small mole at the left mouth. Nana loved her name after she came to her mother, saying she was born on July 7th.

It was nana’s 7th birthday. The day was a beautiful Sunday night of stars. Around 2:00 midnight, when Nana was asleep, there was a shadow that came gently to the bedside. When I woke up wondering if it was a dream, there was a box like an old treasure chest the size of riding both hands. There was an iridescent kaleidoscope inside. I can’t write something, but I can’t write it.

In the morning, Nana immediately took to her old man. The grandfather slowly picked up the box, opened the inside, looked carefully, observed the details, and then said:

“This is a seven-year-old caridescope, look at it at 7 o’clock at night. You can see nana from all over the world for seven days, just seven minutes.”

It was 7:00 on Monday night. Nana opened the old box and looked into the kaleidoscope with a pounding.

When I looked around so much, I saw various patterns in front of me one after another.

When I thought that the front of me had darkened for a moment, it suddenly brightened up. It was like a living room somewhere. There was a delicious feast on the table.

“Wow,” Nana cheered involuntarily. The big meat of roast chicken, pizza and cake, everyone joined in.

“Nana, happy 7th birthday!” she said.

The blonde girl sitting in the middle said with a big smile.

“Thank you everyone!” she said.

Nana has never been celebrated such a gorgeous birthday.

In a small voice, congratulations to Nana in america, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

It was Tuesday night at seven o’clock. Nana opened the box again, took out the kaleidoscope, and peeped.

It seems to be a little cold country there. It was snowing.

Nana has not seen snow yet.

The first snow was white and beautifully transformed into a silver world.

Two girls were able to be seen. One is a girl with a white color and a cute freckles. The other is still a young girl about three years old.

Nana in the snow country is rolling the snow with her sister and making something.

Roll the snowballs, put my sister’s ball on nana’s ball, and put your eyes, nose and mouth on leaves and nuts.

A little snowman has been completed.

Wow, cute.

When Nana tweeted, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

Wednesday night at 7 p.m.,

Nana took out the box again and looked into the kaleidoscope.

It was like the depths of the lush mountains.

A lot of birds were singing in the shining sunshine.

Nana in Africa wore colorful national costumes and danced to the rhythm of large and small drums.

Nana has never danced yet.

For the first time, I had a rhythm, had various sessions, talked with my eyes, and laughed. Nana also wanted to move her body involuntarily. When Nana thought that she was music, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

At 7 p.m. on Thursday night, Nana took out the box again and looked into the kaleidoscope.

It was in the sea.

Nana of St. Vincent was diving in the sea mixed with ama adults. The tropical fish of the crowd were swimming.

The sea level looking up from the sea shone brightly and was so beautiful that it was not from this world. Nana has never swam in the sea yet. It looks comfortable in the water. When Nana tweeted, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

At 7 p.m. on Friday night, Nana took out the box again and looked into the kaleidoscope.

It was like a conflict zone of civil war. All the children around me were thin and huddled together.

Nana in Afghanistan was giving a little bread to children younger than her. Everyone’s faces are rolling out by the distribution of the food after a long absence.

That’s when.

Suddenly the sound of a loud airstrike and pure white smoke covered the area.

Fled! help!

When Nana cried, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday night, Nana took out the box and looked into the kaleidoscope.

I feel more eye-catching today than usual.

“Nana-chan, come over here,” a gray-haired lady called Nana.

Nana slowly sat on the lady’s lap and meowed.

There were other cats around the lady who were too sweet.

Indeed, Nana thought.

Nana-chan today is this cat.

Nana has never touched an animal.

I want to touch the cat.

When I reached out softly, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

Sunday night at 7 p.m.

Nana took out the box and looked into the kaleidoscope.

I saw a little baby and a young father and mother there.

An old-of-one came there.

“It’s hard to say, but this is a difficult disease that can’t be treated with current medical care, and I can’t guarantee how long she will live.”

My father and mother were stunned for a while, but I returned to myself and broke down in tears. Oh, this is me.

When Nana noticed, the kaleidoscope disappeared.

An old grandfather who knew things came there.

“Congratulations Nana, I’ll be out tomorrow.”

Today is the last night I spend in the hospital.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Thank you for taking care of me for a long time.”

My father and mother bow their heads while saying thank you.


The grandfather looked straight into Nana’s eyes. “The world is wide, you can do anything, you can be anything,” said the teacher, patting Nana’s head and sending her off.

Nana went to bed.

And I thought of the seven-year-old Nana from all over the world that I saw in the last seven days.

I hope you will have a birthday party someday.

May a snowman be built.

May you dance.

May you swim in the sea.

May there be no war.

May you interact with animals.

May I live with my father and mother.

And I want to meet Nana from all over the world who looked in kaleidoscope.

Nana went to a deep, deep sleep.

I held that kaleidoscope firmly in my hands.