Jackal and Aki

Keiko Tanaka

“Aoooooooo” “Ooooooo”

There is a jackal cry in the mountains.

The mountain climbing route extending from the Yakuoji Onsen district in Koga city was clearly visible from the group of jackals.

One jackal had a seemingly strange child, a human female named Aki.

Aki said

“Jackal has no prey anymore”

Jackal looks far away

“Soon all will be robbed”

I answered.

The jackal was 2 meters long, weighed 80 kilograms, had clear eyes shaped like almonds, and when he opened his mouth, he could see very large fangs.

He lifted his eyes, smoothed his fangs and was angry.

Aki’s body was small, about 130 cm. He weighed 30 kg and was undressed. I couldn’t read or write at all, and I didn’t have a family.

Immediately after I was born, I was abandoned by humans. It was a wild adult woman who was picked up and raised by a jackal while crying in a mountain lodge.

Aki walked on all fours, running so fast that he could catch up with the jackal. The fingers and toes were wide and stretched. The claws were thick and pointed so that the prey could be stopped. The body is strong and has no fat at all. The hair was rough and kept growing.

Aki’s heart was very pure and purer than anyone else. And he was the most deadly and brave woman.

Aki asked the jackal

“What should I do, I’m hungry and painful”

Jackal was quietly snorting and snuggling up to Aki.

The two were like real parents and children.

The jackal’s body is harder than Aki, but when he holds Aki, he wraps it softly and gently. Jackal was squinting and staring at Aki. Aki fell asleep in it. Jackal had his back curled up and wrapped around Aki.

The “mountain lodge”, where no one was approached by a group of jackals, was quietly located in a small high place.

The moon of the day was a full moon. “It’s getting cold, let’s rest in the lodge tonight,” Aki said.

When I entered the mountain lodge, I sneaked into the usual attic.

Unusually, a hunter came to the mountain lodge late at night. “Rattling”

If you look inside a little,

“If no one is there, I’ll let you stay,” said the hunter. I took a rest while smoking for a while, but it seemed that I fell asleep before I knew it.

Aki suddenly felt nostalgic when she saw humans.

Jackal said quietly

“Why don’t you become human?”

Aki didn’t answer anything.


Jackal leaned closer to Aki.

Eventually, when the cigarette fire burns, it grows bigger,

The lodge quickly began to burn red and mellow.


I said, “Let’s run away.”

Aki is

“I want to help the hunter.”


Jackal shouts

He said, “No, I’ll be killed!”, But Aki approached the hunter for the first time when he entered the room.

“Ah ah ah, ah ah,” Aki said.

The hunter soon noticed.

“Wow, who are you?”

Aki is

I said “Run away quickly”

But the word only fluttered in the air.

Aki grabbed the frightened hunter’s neck and left the lodge.

Jackal was waiting there, and Aki politely defeated the hunter and rushed to Jackal who was there.

The hunter was surprised to see it.

“And you??”

Immediately the hunter held a gun on his back and pulled out the jackal.

I think I flew away


Jackal screamed.

Aki approached the jackal. Its appearance was like a jackal.

The hunter called out to Aki.

“Did you get the jackal?”

Aki jumped at the hunter.

“Wow ah”

Aki’s claws are long, and when he scratches the hunter’s heart, the hunter dies in a blink of an eye.

Aki treated the jackal.

I took him to the river, soaked his mouth with plenty of water, and sprayed “Puu” on the wound of the jackal. Then blood flowed little by little.

A gun ball pierced the belly of the jackal.

There were only a few jackal inochi left.

“,,,. Quon”

Jackal’s heart has stopped.

Aki is

I was crying “Mom, mom” all the time.

The next morning Aki was looking at the mountain trail alone. I hated the people who killed the jackals and destroyed the mountains. When I saw the climbers, I often observed humans from the grass.

Aki’s body was full of black soot. The eyes were shining red in it.

When I went down, there was a small hot spring inn. A couple happened to pass by. The couple said, “It was a good hot water, I want to come again.”

“Aoon” There is a jackal voice somewhere.

Aki had been searching for an inn for a while,

I was afraid to become a human being.


Aki ran up the mountain at full speed. Then I went to the jackal.

I carefully judged the corpse of the jackal and ate it myself.

When Aki covered her fur, it looked like a real jackal. Aki wanted her mother.

A year later, Aki was killed by the hungry Karasuma and his friends.

When the jackal’s fur was peeled off, Aki had a neat face and very beautiful almond-like eyes. I was 15 years old.

Karasuma and his friends looked at Aki and said, “You’re a beautiful person” and “You’re a beautiful person.”

I ate Aki.

The parents who abandoned Aki and the hunter who killed the jackal were empty, dry and empty.

Three days later, there were Aki and Jackal in heaven, which were similar parents and children to everyone.