Distant memories

kako kako

There was no gas and an electric kettle in the house until the elementary school student, and rice cooking was cooked with Okudo who sat in the earthen room and shichiwa. The walls of the kitchen were soot and black, and the water from the well was pumped up with a hand pump,
all of which were analogue.
I also miss the Goemon bath, where the treads floated. There was a hole in the wall of the bath that a bamboo tube passed through, and the bamboo tube was connected to the pump and
passed through the hole in the wall, and when the handle of the pump was pushed down 113 times and pumped, the water in the bath was filled.
Watching TV from this hole was one of the pleasures of the bath.

The north side of the house was surrounded by bamboo fences made of bamboo, which was split into four vertically.
The concrete gate was on the south side, but is it troublesome to go around to the gate? People who pass through the north road in the back look between the bamboo fences and say, “Yatsshi Shan
is there~? It calls out.
The farmer’s morning is early, and people begin to move from the time when it is still dimly dim and the night does not come to light. Chicako’s house is on the road on all the way, and aling there
are fewer cold winters and rainy days, when and who will call out? Are you coming to visit me? Are you watching? I couldn’t take a break from my child’s mind because I didn’t understand it.

What does the house look like from the outside one day? Chicako wants to see.
I thought about going around to the back road, opening between the bamboo and the bamboo and peeping inside.
Only grandma’s feet were walking.
Kasuri trousers were walking around.
It was interesting.
My sister is lying down reading a book.
I don’t have legs.
When I looked into the bamboo at the end of the bamboo fence, my mother was doing some work in the garden field. When I called “Mother~san!” and hid in a bamboo fence, my mother seemed to be looking for me,

but I didn’t know where I was and started working again.
My sister and brother speak, but I can’t see them.

Chicako noticed that bamboo and bamboo in the bamboo fence moved and various holes could be done, and it was interesting and it was excited somely, and it occasionally invited younger sisters, it turned to the back road in the north, and the bamboo was pushed out and peeped. One day, when I tried to push the bamboo out as usual, there was a sound and the old bamboo broke
and a little big hole was made.
I was surprised and looked inside and some big eyes appeared in front of me.
Wow! The voice did not go out, too.
“What are you
doing?” said a calm voice. It’s my grandmother.
It is said that he was weeding under the bamboo fence.
It was just an interesting peeping game, but I had no idea that big eyes would come from the other side.
However, it does not get sned by such a thing. Knowing that bamboo in the bamboo fence moved, we played with the place under the bamboo fence to make a big hole and make
a quick path to the back road.
Because each brother and sister made the hole in a convenient place, Takegaki became an interesting playground fast.
Thanks to that, Takegaki was quickly battered, and my father was being chased for repairs.
The peephole in The Bamboo Fence is a nostalgic memories of the idyllic old days.
The living with the sly life was airy, and the light of the house was also taken, and laughter was heard from the house. The relationship between people was close and there were many troublesome things, but it was warm and always lively.
Takegaki, which is still occasionally seen, brings nostalgic scenes to Chicako.