Someone's diary, what you see ahead of you

Honoka Kaneki

This is a transcription of an event from someone’s diary. I don’t know the name of the person who wrote the diary, his age, where he lives, and whether he’s alive now.

○ Moon ○ Day
I woke up at 3:00 a.m. today.
It was still pitch black outside, and it was shinsy. Somehow, I went to the kitchen, drank white water, and thought I would go to bed again, but somehow I caught my sandals and went outside. The corner was turned to tekito, and the grandmother sat in front of an old house when walking round and round. The back-shang-chan grandmother in a navy blue dress looked into the tea tube and couldn’t see her face well. She was an old man I had never seen before.
Then he went on, and when he turned the next corner, there was someone standing in front of the houses along the road, one by one, for each house. Everyone is also facing the road, seeing something with something like a tube. What are everyone looking into? When I noticed that a black tube had fallen at my feet, I picked it up and looked into it, and saw a dimly seen old
man in a hat standing in front of a splendid old house.
He was a common old man on the street. When the old man said good morning because he saw me as Gee, he said good morning and good morning while making me do the mouth of the tooth missing and looked into my face. When I was surprised and tried to take my face away from the tube, I heard the sound of a bell from a distance. It was six in the morning when I woke up. 
It was a dream.

○ Moon △ Day The old man I met in a dream that day, if I thought I
wouldn’t see it recently, I was standing in my usual place. I was looking down the road with a black polo shirt and a cane in my hat.
My old father was looking at me on the street, so this time, good morning! When I said that, I raised my plump cheeks and said good morning.
I thought what to do if I looked into it! 

× ○ Day
Today I ate the rumored matcha ice cream that is very delicious. It was elegant, smooth and delicious. Such a shopkeeper was a really elegant person, and an old man who wore a navy blue dress. It looked just like that grandmother who had seen it in the dream when it thought that it had seen somewhere. At that time, I was peeping at ice cream. Maybe that event, which I thought was a dream, wasn’t a dream.
If so, what are the people who were peeping at that time doing now?