Moma Eggs

Miho Iwanaga

Do you know tsuyazaki’s local toy called Moma Flute?

Oh yes, it’s a clay flute in the shape of an owl.

Owls are called moma around Tsuyazaki.

I heard an interesting story about this moma recently.

○○ who examines the local history of Tsuyazaki as a hobby says that moma and owl seem to be another bird to tell the truth.

It is indistinguishable by appearance, but the difference is ni.

The first is the location of the nest.

The owl seems to make it in the place where the traffic is moderate in the town though the owl chiefly makes the nest in the cave etc. of the tree.

And the second is an egg. The egg of moma seems to be 00 though the owl is a white egg. I do not want to see or 00 eggs!

I really want to see it after hearing this story.

Every time I take a walk, I’m looking into that hole and the gap here.

What? Have you become concerned, too?

That’s nice.

You’d better look for it with two people than by one.

Tell me if you find it.

Watch your job.