a shining thing

Orie Okada

It was when The Cocoon finished helping to return the teaching material to the staff room after the arithmetic class, and returned to the classroom. Other girls gather around the desk of a girl who is popular in the class. “Mayucha, look, look, it’s amazing,” cocoons peered over the girls’ shoulders, and something shone brightly in the palm of her friend’s hand. It was a little sandal. One pair properly for the right foot and the left foot. Beaded sandals that you can wear as they are if you become small. As if I heard a murmur in my heart, my friend said, “It’s amazing.” “My mother made me this time, I’m going to have my slippers made,” a beaded handicraft book is on her desk. Cocoon frantically stole a page full of various accessories made of beads in addition to sandals over the shoulder of a friend who was making a fuss about making it to herself. Straw hat. A basket with a large mesh. Red, blue or green sandals. Shimashima pattern slippers. Everyone was sparkling. I thought from the bottom of my heart. It’s so cute.

The teacher came back to the classroom, and the children hurriedly sat down. They put out a japanese textbook The boy in the front seat is pointed and begins to read sentences. Cocoon also had a textbook open, but her head was just a page. Cocoons think desperately. Why don’t you ask me to make it? That is… I can’t. The reason is that it is not possible to talk well somehow when standing in front of her of the popular person. But Cocoon thought it was too regrettable to give up. Why don’t you lend me that book? Is it difficult? But if you just borrow it. Maybe it’s okay. I might lend it to you. No problem. My face suddenly got hot.

It was just after the goodbye greeting had ended that Cocoon had sifted her courage and spoke to her. It was a little fast-talking and small voice, so what? It was asked back, and it was decided to say twice. However, she kept the word of refusal by feeling which seemed to be happy somehow though it seemed to be sorry for a moment. I’m sorry, I’m going to get together at our house today and have my mother teach me. After that, I lent it to Chie-chan today, and tomorrow it’s Rin-chan’s turn. After that, it was not possible to say to the cocoon child. Only the blurred name of the child’s upper shoe in the bird’s-eye remained in my mind.

Afterwards, the bead making became popular among the girls in the class. The girls made up the pretty ones, put them in the pencil box, and exchanged them. A child who brought beads into the classroom also appeared. The fashion in such a girl was transmitted to the boy, and it came to collect several grains which had spilled to the floor by begging for the bead for the peel. And soon it was prohibited to bring “study-related” bees, and the fashion was over easily, but Cocoon was just glare at the hustle and bustle.

So when I was hanging out in a handicraft shop with my mother to buy a bib cloth, and found that beadwork book, Cocoon was really surprised. As soon as Cocoon picks up the book, she runs up to her mother in the store and asks her to buy the book with tremendous force.

be. Mother turned over the book, and showed disapprobation a little, but thanks to the afterglow that the clerk and the talk were bouncing, it was arranged safely with the bib at the cash register.

Cocoon was looking at the book all the time that night. There were strawberries, pencils, and chocolate-pample soft serve ice cream. And that mermaid! The mermaid mascot in someone’s pencil box was also on that page. The hair of the green beads spreads softly in the sea, and the scales shine blue and green. “It’s the mermaid princess,” Cocoon thought, “I can look at her forever.”

Cocoon read from corner to corner of the page, and eventually put the book and the pocket money she had saved in her favorite tote bag and went to that handicraft shop. The shopkeeper smiled and invited Cocoon to a rack with beads in the back of the store, and then arranged the necessary tools in a small basket while comparing the pages. Small round beads for sandals have dark blue and light blue. One point red. The wire is 31 thin. And the white and green of the round beads for that mermaid material. 5mm ball of pearl. The 4mm magakuma beads were sold in small bottles separately from the wagon, so I scooped a teaspoon of blue like Blue Hawaii. The city at dusk seen through the window of the bus on the way back seemed to be sparkling.

She ate dinner, took a bath before being told a small word, and Cocoon said to her family early on, and stayed in her room. Turn on the light on the desk and remove the beads from the bag of the handicraft shop. And I opened the lid of the empty can of my favorite candy I got someday, and poured all the beads in as the girls in my class did. Colorful beads are laid on the bottom of the can like sand beaches and glow small. Cocoon’s face fell apart. Cocoon slowly opened the page of that sandal in the handicraft book. Then, as soon as the packaging of the wire was removed and the rolled tip was pryed with the fingertips, the wire came off vigorously, and it swelled clumsy like a broken spring. After all, it was not possible to return it without extending clumsy though Cocoon tried to roll the wire neatly in a hurry. Cocoon regained her mind, took out the ruler, measured the necessary length from the bundle of wires, and cut it. I gently began to pick up blue beads from the sandy beach of the jewel ahead of the wire.

First of all, the grain of beads is passed through the wire by a fixed number. This is the first step. After picking up the second grain, pass the opposite wire so that it intersects in the beads and pull it out. I know we should be able to do this simply by repeating it. However, no matter how many times you do it, there is a gap between the steps. In order to tighten the steps tightly, it was necessary to pull it out with firm force. Pick up the grains as shown in the design diagram and pull the wire. As soon as I was able to make several steps and loosened my hand with relief, the wire jumped up and the steps loosened, and the beads were blown off. After repeating this over and over again, Cocoon noticed that the wire scratched his unfamiliar fingers invisiblely. I noticed that the clock had already passed by twelve o’clock. The time of the fingertip and the little finger is painful. I rub my eyes on my dent, but I can’t see the wound. The cocoon pressed her aching finger against her lips and closed her eyes as it was. finger

It hurts, but the eyes are heavy, too. The afterimage of the orange-like light of the stand erings into the darkness of the eyelid. The beads on the desk pop into the open eyes shining quietly. No problem. Once the wire is picked up, carefully spread the beads and squeeze out the wire.

It was time to pass the half before long, and to leave two more steps. Cocoon’s head fell for a moment. The hand catches in the edge of the can to the applause, the jewelry box inclines in no time, beads overflow smoothly, and spills from the edge of the desk as it is. The cocoon rallied for a moment, and then chased the beads that had been spilled in a hurry. The grains which jumped through the rug under the desk are scattered everywhere in the room and it shines. For the time being, when I put only the beads on the rug back to the can and checked it, it was reduced to about half the amount. And I couldn’t see any of those magatama beads. Magatama beads are not used for sandals. Sandals can be made in a little while. No problem. I thought so, but Cocoon’s eyes were filled with tears. The grain of tears falls in the hand. Even at such a time, the beads that look tearful are even brighter and more beautiful. Wiming away the tears, the cocoon scooped the beads. When I held a wire that ate the beads and tried to cross the wire from the other side, the wire stopped in the beads. No matter how many times I push it through, it doesn’t move as much as 1 millimeter. It was a must-have for me to twist the way and block it in the beads. They pull out a wire I felt like I wanted to cry out of my voice, and when I saw the beads, I noticed. The big beads between the thumb and index finger were sandwiched between the fingers. Then, the wire is not sure to get caught.

Cocoons closed one eye and peered into the beaded holes. I should be able to see the desk through a hole as small as a needle hole, but I can’t see it. No, there’s something. Now I looked at the hole so that it could be transparent to the light of the stand. After all, I feel that something else can be seen. Cocoons bring their eyes closer and closer to their small fingertips. The small hole grows little by little and becomes a ring of light. When I thought that it overlapped my eyes, cocoons were sucked into the shiny one. The tip of the white tunnel is clear blue. And, something approached from the other side. The green hair spreads softly in the sea, and the scales shine blue and green. It was a mermaid. He approached the stunned cocoon and smiled and pulled his hand. They gradually descend to the bottom of the sea. That can of beads was on the sparkling bottom of the water. Someone’s hand slowly opened the lid of the can. Buried in the beads was that blue sandard. The mermaid scoops it up and gently serves it out. “Everything nice is buried here, everyone is waiting for you to find you,” a mermaid laughs at the cocoon who receives the sandals. “So it’s okay.”

That beaded mermaid jumped into my open eyes. The cocoon wakes up and hurriedly wipes the dingling of the mouth. It was good. The book remains clean. The other side of the window was dimly lit. I slept on the way. However, I feel that I had a good dream. Cocoon still looked blankly at the desk on dreaming and noticed. The beads in the cans don’t seem to decrease. The beaded sandals were buried in them. From the bottom of the pile of beads that I put my finger in the can and gently swept away, I saw about a teaspoon of blue Hawaiian grains. How beautiful! Unknowingly, Cocoon was smiling. I picked up sandals that I had made from them. By morning, you should be able to do one. The other one should be much easier to make than this time. So it’s okay. “Wait,” cocoons swept small, gently scooping blue beads.